Beyond a Construction Site
A Community-Based Garden Intervention in a Degraded Urban Space in Ljubljana

julij-2012-dkIn collaboration with neighbourhood residents and other interested people, we have been transforming a long-fenced-off plot of land near Resljeva Street in Ljubljana into a community space intended for urban gardens, socializing, education, and culture. In this way we are examining and showing the potential of degraded urban areas and the possibility of their receiving new value through temporary use and community-based interventions. Parallel to this the project enhances and promotes possibilities for urban gardening as well as more active inclusion of inhabitants in decision making about the planning, development, and management of the city spaces.

Currently around 100 people take care of ca 40 gardens and take part in different public and community based events.

Read more about the project
Video documentary on the project (author: Gregor Gobec, production: Bunker, 2011)

Initiator: Obrat Culture and Art Association (Stefan Doepner, Urška Jurman, Polonca Lovšin, Apolonija Šušteršič) in collaboration with Nina Vidič Ivančič (2011/12)
Location: The fenced-off construction site, Resljeva Street, Ljubljana
Plot owner: The Municipality of Ljubljana – the contract for the use of the land at no charge has been prolonged on a yearly basis.
Duration: August 2010–present
The project started as part of a programme by the Bunker Institute, Garden By the Way.
Co-producers: Obrat Association, Bunker Institute (2010/11).
Support: European programme MED – European Regional Development Fundation, City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Semenarna Ljubljana

Contact: obrat@obrat.org

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